Christoma's Kassandra


CH Christoma's Giaccomo





Fabienne Faricoon*PL




    GR.CH.INT. Hot Maylove's Littlefoot  
   CH. Highlander of Magic Lake    
    CH. Alina of Magic Lake  
 Machoro Silver of EL Dorado      
    CH. Tara's Macauly of Amacoon  
   Amacoons Menominee    
    Tobermory Alegra of Amacoon  
     Stormbringer's Worrior  
   CH. Inishkea's Drago    
    Shakira of Stone Brook  
 Asturia's Frizbee      
    CH. Kitt Cat of Wild Bumble-Bee  
   CH.INT. Asturia's United Colours    
    Asturia's Sunflower  
    CH. MastinoNapoletano v.d.Maine Coon Dynasty  
   IC Maine Coon Dynasty's Yukon    
    CH. Cenaida's Lilly Wild Look  
 IC N Artic Coon's Red Hot Chili Pepper      
    GIP. EC. N Artic Coon's Full Moon  
   CH N Artic Coon's Patzy    
    IC S Glowcoon's Blue Pigeon  
    EURO.CH. Willowplace Tomahawk of Racoones  
    Racoones Don Conchetto    
     CH. Lady Cinderella of the Catwalk  
 N Artic Coon's Hotlips      
    GIP.EC. N Artic Coon's Full Moon  
    N Artic Coon's Rolls Joyce    
    GIC. N Artic Coon's Ibiza Sunrise  


14 mths

Kassandra 14mths*  Kassandra 14mths*

Kassandra 14mths

Kassandra 09/06/14  Kassandra 09/06/14

 Kassandra 11/03/15

Another one of her funny poses!

Kassandra 11/03/15