Pets In Need

This page is for anyone needing to find a safe loving home for their pet.
Send me an email with a photo, your contact details, and information concerning the pet looking for a home.
Yesterday when at work, I picked up a small black and white young female cat with her 4 kittens.
The kittens were born yesterday 20/01/13 amongst some rubish within the snow.
I think there are 3 little girls and 1 little boy all black and white one all black.
Apparently the mum has only just had a litter, they are about 13 weeks old living wild.
This little female is looking for a home, so are the babies.
The mum is friendly, a lovely little cat, obviously nervous and worried about the safety of her kittens.
If anyone is interested in temporarily looking after this little lot please get in touch as most of my time is already taken up caring for my own.
Maybe some one would be interested in giving mum a home or one of the kittens when the time is right.
1 stray
1 stray
1 stray